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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How to obtain license for a particular computer Program?

Ans.  Click on "Computer Programs" link from the home page. Select the program for you like to obtain a license. Click on the "Request License" on the fallowing page. License agreement can be downloaded from that page.  Endorse the license agreement and fax it to 1-806-742-1289. Please do mention all the details on the license agreement and your login information is mailed to you.


Q. How to download code after signing the license agreement?

Ans. Click on "Login" link from Home Page and it will take you to login page where you can login with your Email-id and download the code.

Q. Where can I find the manuals for a particular computer Program?

Ans.  Documentation is available along with computers programs on "Computer Programs" page (Link is available form Home Page).


Q. How can I configure and execute a simulation model ?

Ans.   "Program Execution" link is available on home page. You will be directed to page where simulation models are categorized into different groups. These groups can be browsed to find the simulation model which you are looking for. Once a particular simulation model is selected, list of the configurable parameters will be displayed. These configurable parameters will appear with default values. Description of these parameters along with the units is also provided. “Continue” button is provided at the bottom of the page which will take you to next page. After configuring all the configurable parameters, the links will be provided to download the model and to submit the model for execution. Once the model is submitted for the execution the next page will display the link for downloading the output.

Q. Where the simulation model will get executed?

Ans.  Simulation model will be executed on the server and not on your local machine.


Q. How can I save a copy of simulation model on my local machine?

Ans.  For VENUS 2005, a link has been provided for downloading the model after configuring simulation model and VENUS96c, simulation models can be downloaded form "Computer Programs" page.


Q. Which compiler do I need to compile VENUS96c and VENUS05?

Ans.  This information is available in the documentation of the corresponding versions.


Q. Which is the recommended operating system for compiling the VENUS program?

Ans.  Any Unix based operating system can be used for compiling and executing VENUS program


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